Silpozz is a very good super-pozzolan.Silpozz is an organic micro-silica / amorphous silica, with silica content of above 90% having particle size of 25 microns mostly. Our product – Silpozz can be used as a admixtureig way to make special concrete mixes. There is a growing demand in a bfor fine amorphous silica in the production of special cement and concrete mixes. This market is currently filled by silica fume or micro silica , being imported from Norway, China and also from Bhutan . Due to limited supply of silica fumes in India and the demand being high, the price of silica fume has risen to as much as US$ 550 / ton in India.


SiO2 – Silica >90%
Humidity <2%
Particle size (microns) < 25
Colour Grey
Loss on ignition at 800°C <4%
pH value 8.0