For Strength:
Silpozz micro-silica is used in place of silica fumes or micro silica at a much lower cost, without compromising on the quality aspect. Adding Silpozz to the concrete mix even in low replacement will dramatically enhance the workability, strength and impermeability of concrete mixes, while making the concrete durable to chemical attacks, abrasion and reinforcement corrosion, increasing the compressive strength by 10% – 20%.

For water proofing:
Silpozz has excellent water resistance (impermeability) properties and is used in waterproofing compounds to give amazing results. It reduces the water penetration by as much as 60%.

For Better Concrete in Marine environment:
Adding Silpozz to concrete and paints helps to reduce the chloride ion penetration by as much as 50% into the structure, thus improving life of the building.

For Lower heat of Hydration:
Adding Silpozz to concrete lowers the heat of hydration by as much as 30% and prevents formation of cracks during casting.