The particle size of the cement is about 35 microns. There may be formation of void in the concrete mixes, if curing is not done in properly. This reduces the strength and quality of the concrete. Our product – Silpozz micro-silica – which is rich in reactive silica is finer than cement having most particles size of 25 microns and below, so much so that it fills the interstices in between the cement in the aggregate. That is where the strength and density comes from. And that is why it can reduce the amount of cement in the concrete mix besides improving strength and quality of concrete.

Application Areas:

  • High performance concrete
  • High strength, low permeability concrete
  • Concrete in marine environments
  • Industrial flooring
  • Water tanks and sumps
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Basements and sewerage pipelines
  • Refractory mixes etc.